Awesome reasons to recover Twitter account

In this technology world, huge numbers of social media platforms are available but twitter is the best option to both business people and individuals. There are massive numbers of the benefits are associated by having twitter account like breaking news, communicate with interesting people, tracking trends, company contact, celebrity access and creative outlet. Twitter is not only meant for family and friends but also for people who actually want to communicate with interesting people. Suppose you deactivate your account and looking to reactivate your twitter account then you might have question about how to recover Twitter account.

Surprising techniques to reset forgotten or lost password

An up to date or accurate phone number or email address is perfect step which you can take to make sure that you never lose access for your twitter account. Just take a moment and check whether phone number or email address is associated with your twitter account. If you are logged in twitter account then you must follow some tips to recover twitter account such as

  • Just click on profile icon at upper right corner of your screen and choose setting and privacy
  • Click on password tab
  • Enter current password
  • Choose new password
  • Save changes by clicking save changes

You might send yourself password reset through email from sign in page on or Enter your phone number, email address or twitter username that could be useful to change your twitter password. Suppose multiple accounts might be associated with your mobile number then you could not use phone number during this step. After that you can select email address where you want to receive password in order to reset email. Twitter will instantly send message for your account’s email address so check your email inbox. Just click reset link in your email and set new password.

Everything to know about twitter account recovery

Password reset links in the email is time sensitive so try to use link as soon as possible. Suppose you added mobile number at your mobile setting then you might receive password reset through text or sms message. It might take few minutes to you for receiving the code. Suppose you are not receiving it then try to text help for your twitter short code which makes sure that you are receiving message notifications from twitter. Just search in online to recover your twitter account.