About Elo Boosting and League of Legends

An Elo boosting is basically a process of improving the position of the players in the league of legends system of ranks by providing access of account to any professional player. Basically, these are League boosting when any player left the games with high ranks due to some reason and if that player log’s into the customer’s account and wants to play to their desired ranking of the league of legends game, then the player must have to the game from the beginning. 

What league of legends?

The league of legends is the fast-paced online game which is competitive which is the combination of the speed and the intensity of an RTS with the elements of RPG. 

The essential difference queue types like 5v5 Solo or Duo Queue and Flex are:

Solo/ Duo Queue

The number of players can play in this game will be only one or two, this queue is mostly for the players who are more serious in ranks, the only demerit of this is the only salt, preseason puts better impact the MMR

Flex queue

The number of players can play in this game is more than the solo queue it is about five players can play, the benefit of this queue is that a player can also play with the friend. The demerit is a problem is matchmaking and the mismatched group which makes for bad games. It also has a preseason better impact on the MMR. 

The league of legends is the League boosting which have the energetic queue system of ranking where any player can climb the ladder. Instead of using the simple number like chess because elo was first used in chess as a ranking system where any player is able to see their rank through a badge. This badge is basically termed as division.

Overview of Division on League of Legends 

At the beginning of this lol game, the ranked play in lol in splits of nine leagues:

  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger 

The league is tiered into four divisions instead of five, these are in Roman numbers like I, II, III, IV, with V which is the lowest and I is the first.

What type of lol game is?

It is basically MOBA type which termed as Multi Online Battle Arena where the other rival team competes with one another for the victory.